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2018 Archive

10th July 2018

Well, this really is not good enough! It looks like nothing is happening at Anstey Mills Cottages! But really – probably I have been too busy to think about the blog. So how to summarise nearly two years?!

At the moment we are having already three weeks of heatwave and no end in sight! Incredible how much time I spend watering all the baskets and pots and new plants… It looks ever so tidy with new gravel in the yard and at the front and a new sitting area at the end of the large cottage – ideal to sit and catch the evening sun and look down the valley…

Lots of lovely people came to stay and particularly the ones that come again and again are making this job so fulfilling. So you could say that I am happy to stay here – but sometimes you have to get away to really appreciate how lovely it is at home. And so early this year I travelled to India, Australia and New Zealand, thinking to avoid a harsh winter, but when I came back late February, I managed to get snowed in a couple of times. Sledging with Ebony was a particularly joyous occasion.

Ebony? – you might ask. She is our new addition to the family, a now 2 ½ years old black (hence the name) Cocker Spaniel. She is not only beautiful but very good company and great entertainment for our guests, especially the young ones who like to throw a ball for hours. As well she is friendly with other dogs –  as long as they don’t want her ball – but she will leave you alone if you don’t want the company. 

So peace and tranquillity are still our main selling points as are the stars at night, the Exmoor Ponies close by on the Moor, the many lovely places for lunch, cream tea or dinner…. etc. etc. ….